Community Series

Information about cannabis specifically for pet parents.

Course Curriculum

Legal Status of Cannabis
Common Cannabis Terminology
How Cannabis Works
Choosing a Cannabis Product
Tips, Timing & Administration Techniques
Working with a Cannabis-knowledgable Veterinarian
Additional Resources

What's included?

8 Videos
8 PDFs
Casara Andre
Casara Andre

About the Instructor

Dr. Andre is a veterinarian consistently motivated by her desire to help both pets and practitioners find their own "veterinary well-being".  She is dedicated to bringing the medicinal effects of cannabis safely into the veterinary industry.  Dr. Andre believes that the therapeutic effects of cannabis are worth researching and can be safely integrated into veterinary patient care.  

Dr. Andre is the Founder and lead instructor for Veterinary Cannabis;  the Owner of Healthy at Home, a database of resources for pet parents; Cultivate, a veterinary co-working community;  Scheduled Relief, a networking service connecting veterinary clinics and relief veterinarians; and the Director of the Colorado School of Animal Massage.  She currently serves as the Secretary for the Human Animal Bond Trust.

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